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No one need give you permission

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I'm just a girl from Jersey, where the hair is big and the burgers larger. I've gone through various stages in my short life thus far, but some things never change. I have a passion for traveling and the unexplained. I'd be happy to get in a (West Side Story-esque) fight over gay rights or just spend the day at a flea market or renfaire.

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any love that is love is right.
francesca lia block

made by __iiicons

made by __iiicons
1776, aerosmith, alice in wonderland, alice/mad hatter, altar boyz, america the book, ani difranco, anime, annie get your gun, aqua teen hunger force, archaeology, avenue q, barenaked ladies, billy joel, black 47, blue october, bon jovi, boogie nights, bowling for soup, buffy the vampire slayer, bye bye birdie, cake, carly simon, catcher in the rye, cher, chicago, christina aguilara, city of angels, cowboy bebop, cursive, dashboard confessional, david bowie, dirty rotten scoundrels, dixie chicks, dogma, donnie darko, dvda, elton john, evita, fefe dobson, fiddler on the roof, frank sinatra, frou frou, garbage, garden state, gilmore girls, gladiator, goldfinger, greek mythology, hair, harry/ginny, hoku, inuyasha, jason mraz, jeeves and wooster, jewel, jimi hendrix, john mayor, kill bill, les miserables, lewis carroll, lillix, little shop of horrors, los lonely boys, maison ikkoku, maria mena, maroon 5, meat loaf, memoirs of a geisha, michelle branch, moulin rouge, mulan, no doubt, oceans eleven, peter paul and mary, pink, pixies, project runway, pulp fiction, queen, ranma 1/2, red hot chili peppers, reel big fish, rem, renaissance faires, rent, rilo kiley, ron/hermione, sca, scarlet pimpernel, scrubs, shakespeare in love, shakira, simon and garfunkel, sinead o'connor, smashmouth, spin doctors, spring awakening, sublime, system of a down, tenacious d, the 10th kingdom, the all-american rejects, the annotated alice, the beatles, the breakfast club, the colbert report, the cure, the four seasons, the full monty, the great mouse detective, the office, the princess bride, the proclaimers, the quiet american, the scarlet pimpernel, the sound of music, the usual suspects, the world/inferno friendship society, they might be giants, tithe, ultimate fakebook, weezer, weird al, whitesnake, who framed roger rabbit, wicked